Week 3 Update

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in our Swimming Carnival last week. It was fantastic to see such enthusiasm and team spirit! Good Luck to the students who are attending District Swimming on Tuesday.

In reading and writing this week we have been looking at and unpacking memoirs using the critiquing and analysing strategies from the reading wheel. The students have even started planning and writing their own memoir reflecting on a significant memory. They have written great memoirs using descriptive language and focusing on using voice to draw the reader in.

In Maths we continued to set up the culture of what an ideal maths classroom looks like and the students are also working on Data Representation.

Inquiry this week has involved us exploring different classrooms around the world and students have begun their inquiry into their question using the Planning and Finding Information Stage from Kunyung’s Inquiry Cycle. 

We look forward to seeing you next Friday for Open Classrooms and The Get To Know You Interviews. The kids are super excited to share their learning with you.

From The Middles Team 🙂


Welcome to 2017!

Dear Parents and Guardians of the wonderful Middles students this year,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a fantastic break and are well rested ready for the year ahead.

Students have settled in really well and are enjoying getting to know their new teachers and classmates!


These are our Middles Teachers this year:

MP: Mrs Amy Pollett – Room 6

MV: Miss Madeline Avery – Room 8

MB: Mr David Barnes – Room 17

MA: Mrs Anne Allchin – Room 18

MM: Ms Lisa McCrimmon – Room 24

MC: Miss Megan Choury – Room 25

MH: Mrs Kirsty Hudson – Room 26

MF: Miss Allison Feron – Room 27


What are we learning this week?

In Literacy, we have been discussing the routines and expectations for Reading and Writing. Some students are already using their prior knowledge to implement strategies from the Kunyung Reading and Writing Wheels.

We are beginning to unpack the Inquiry Cycle within Our Unit of Inquiry. This relates to “Who We Are” and the way we understand and respond to our learning needs and the learning needs of others.

In Maths, we are currently conducting maths pre-assessments. The students are excited about the challenges that lie ahead and can’t wait to get started practising their learning focus next week.

Students have been investigating the PYP 5 Essential Elements including Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Concepts and Action. Students are looking forward to taking action in all their learning areas.

Across the curriculum, we are using the Kunyung Learning Cycle to investigate ‘What do I want to learn?’, ‘How best will I learn?’ and ‘How will I know what I have learned?’. These are the core questions which give our learning purpose.


For the first 2 weeks whilst students are settling in, students will be required to read for a minimum of 20 mins each week night and record this in their diaries. Parent initials are expected on each section of diary to indicate your awareness that your child has read.

In the weeks to come, we will be sending home a homework book with tasks to complete.

A big thanks to our Kunyung Parents for a great first week! We look forward to hearing from you soon. You can also congratulate your child on a great first week back in Middles!

From the Middles Team

This fortnight in middles…

Last week on Thursay and Friday all the Middles classes went on an excursion to the Melbourne Muesum. We walked through the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre to answer questions related to our unit of inquiry. The link below can be used to explore the exhibit with your family at home:


Thank you to all the parents who helped make the excursion a huge success!


We also celebrated book week by dressing up as our favourite literary characters. A parade was held in the multipurpose room to celebrate and share our love of books!


Thanks for reading!

By MN on behalf of all the Middles Classes

Welcome back Middles!

This term we are looking at the key concept causation and the related concept consequence.

When we look through the lens of causation we are asking the question “what caused this to happen?” and when we look through the lens of consequence we are asking the question “what were or are the consequences of this event or action?”.

This term in the middles MN took the time to think a little bit about…


Thanks for reading!


The last week of term two!!!


On Tuesday the 21st of June we had a bunny buddy day. Miss Welsby brought her three rabbits Dina, Luna and Basil and Miss Ryan’s daughter brought in her two rabbits Nepe and Pepe in to school. PR students were working on writing narratives and information texts so MN students helped their buddies write an information text or a narrative about rabbits. We got to hold the rabbits and pat them. We had fun.



On Thursday the 23rd of June Kunyung Primary School had the Alpha Show theatre group come to perform in the multipurpose room. The show was Aladdin and the actors were funny. There was lots of singing and dancing and even a sword fight! They threw some confetti and fake money, it was a good show.

image image

By Leni and Noam

Happy Holidays!

Dear Students and Parents

The Middles Teachers would like to say a big thank you for a wonderful term. We hope you have enjoyed the last 11 weeks and we wish you a wonderful holiday break. Stay safe and enjoy the downtime with your family and friends!

See you next term!


Middles Teaching Staff!


Middles Excursion to the Melbourne Museum


Dear Parents,

Just to let you know that next Term the Middles will be attending an excursion to the Melbourne Museum to support our next Unit of Inquiry.

Thursday 21st July: MA, MN, MW
Friday 22nd July: MH, MF, MB, MM

Further information about the excursion will be coming home closer to the date including permission forms and payment.

We do however, require parent volunteers on the day (4 per class).

Unfortunately, the Friday excursion cannot accommodate all of our parent helpers on the bus. Therefore, volunteers will need to be prepared to car pool with another parent or meet us at the Museum.

Your class contact parent will be communicating with you early next week in regards to volunteers.

Thanks so much!!

Middles Teaching Team


How We Express Ourselves

This week in inquiry we have been focusing on finding information, when you find information you think about the questions that you have, what kind of resources might help and where to find them.


Noam is focusing on Piccasso for her inquiry into ‘How we express ourselves” she looked up Piccaso’s work and chose the image of the Weeping Woman because it caught her eye. Noam said she “liked the colour and the shapes in this picture, it’s interesting and different.”


Noam then researched the question “what does the weeping woman express?” and found that Dora Maar was Picasso’s mistress from 1936 until 1944. In their relationship Picasso painted her in a number of his paintings and was quoted saying; “For me she is the weeping woman… it was the deep reality not the superficial one.”


So far Noam has enjoyed choosing her own form of art and independently researching Picasso.

Thanks for the chat Noam!

Miss Welsby

MN take over the blog!



In Reading we have been selecting goals to help us better understand the text. We have also been writing about our reading once a week. A good reading response has a sentence about your goal, an explanation and an example from the text.

By Ava, Leni, Zac, Seb and Hudson


In Writing we are working on our personal narratives, we are learning how to describe the characters and our settings. We have worked on using lots of detail and descriptive words, and created character sketches.


By Noam, Ruby, Siena and Remy

Problem Solving

Last week in Maths we set stretch goals. Stretch goals:
– Give you something to work towards and something to celebrate when you achieve them!
– Give you a challenge!
– Give you confidence and put the pressure on (in a good way)!
– Make you want to work harder!
We placed our stretch goals on the Problem Solving Continuum and thought about what skill we would like to be working on by week 4 of term 3 this year.


By Melody, Haylee, Tom P, Takoda and Isabelle


In Maths inside we have been learning about time. We have been solving time problems, recording different times like o’clock, quarter past and quarter to on clock faces and creating our own clocks.

By Will, Oscar, Asher, Jayden and Benn


Our central idea is:
When people express themselves through the arts there can be different interpretations.
We are inquiring into different artists, forms of art and feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values expressed through the arts.

By Benn, Emma and Amelia