MN Demonstrate their understanding of the central idea by looking at different artworks, artists and forms of art.



In the song Highway to hell the artist is expressing living free doing what he wants and paying his debt.

I thought that the song Highway to hell was expressing living, doing what you want and spending life doing what you want because life is too short.

The people in my grade said it was about hatred and anger, frustration. I think that this is because the song is called highway to hell and they didn’t really listen to the lyrics.

By Hudson

Bradley Trevor Greive is a cartoonist and publisher for television, radio, stage, Walt Disney and lot’s more.


Greive loves animals and proudly support’s the Taronga foundation.

Now days Greive spends most of his time in Sydney in Australia, tracking down endangered species with his rabbit Biff.

I chose two pictures from one of his published books and got the grade to write down what it expresses. They said:

  • It was funny
  • It was expressing laughter
  • It was expressing happiness
  • It was saying that not everybody is the same

I thought the he was expressing how life works through his books and how to have a good life.

By Siena


By the Storm trooper Dancers

Storm trooper

This is a dance from the television show Britain’s Got Talent. Thirty eight year old Lee started his star wars empire back in autumn last year when he bought three Storm trooper costumes. This dance is expressing laughter and laughter is a way of showing happiness. The grade thought the same things as I did. I also really enjoyed this clip because I love to dance and they love to dance.

By Remy


By Banksy


In the Banksy’s artwork Schoolhouse he is expressing thanks to the students at Bristol Primary school for naming a building after him. In a letter that he wrote to the school he said to the children “feel free to add to it”. I think he said this to inspire the children to create their own art.

I think this piece expresses the girl being a risk taker to try and put out the burning tire.

When I asked different students in the grade what this image was expressing the though playing, sadness, anger, frustration and interest.

By Takoda

Something you should know about Garfield…

By Jim Davis


What this cartoon expresses:
This cartoon expresses that Garfield is a lazy cat, because he won’t do sit ups but will lie down.

What this cartoon means to me:
This cartoon to me means that Garfield is a very lazy cat. And would rather lie down than do sit ups.

What this cartooning means to Jim Davis:
Jim Davis likes sarcastic humour and he grew up with cats.

What other people think about this cartoon:
Most people think that this cartoon is representing laziness but the other people’s opinions are happy, funny, selfish and ungrateful.

By Benn S

Flying Balloons Girl

By Banksy


This is an image of a child floating away because often children dream of flying away. It shows how children are able to use their imagination.

When I asked people in the grade what they thought that this piece was expressing, they said:

  • dreaming
  • hoping
  • searching
  • trying to get away
  • freedom
  • happiness
  • hope
  • being stuck somewhere
  • escaping
  • flying
  • reaching for lost ones
  • getting something

I thought that the piece meant hope or that she wanted something, she could have even been trying to find something.

By Leni

Last midnight

By Meryl Streep


Meryl plays the witch in Into the Woods and the song I chose was the last midnight.

In this song she expresses anger and frustration, and she is annoyed.

When I asked people in the grade what they thought they agreed with me.

To me the song shows how the witch wants to do everything right and that she wants to make herself look good but she is just making herself look bad and evil.

By Ruby


I have chosen a contemporary and ballet dance by Shannon and Peter. This is a picture of their dance. It was on Britain’s got talent. It expresses love. When I see them dance I think of love.

What does it mean to the artist? They are happy that they can share their love.

What does it mean to you? When I watched them I felt happy that they could be up there and I think it is a great opportunity for them to show what they love.

People in the class thought it expressed fun, love, sadness, working together, fear, amazement and happiness.

By Melody



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We have been looking at ‘word processing’ this term with a focus on creating a document, using relevant software and modifying/developing the writing using tools within the software package. Students have also started to look at file management skills of saving, retrieving and opening files.



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Home Reading


Middles students are encouraged to read nightly and to use their school diary as a reading log.

The school diaries are  designed to provide a place for your child to record the name of the book they are reading and the number of pages read, and for you to write some comments about their reading. Could you also please sign your child’s reading? We are in the process of assessing your child to determine their appropriate reading level. In the meantime children will be freely selecting books of interest to share with you at home. If the book is too difficult, please feel free to read to, or with, your child so good reading habits are established early.

Please encourage your child to read each night for approximately 20 minutes or set aside a stress free time to read with your child and find a quiet place to curl up together. Talk with your child about their book, ask questions or have them retell the parts they have read.

At school, we are setting up regular routines for book borrowing and we are encouraging your child to develop independent book exchange responsibilities.

Take home book borrowing is just one small aspect of our rich Language program. Every day at school your child is spending time reading and writing, speaking and listening and viewing and presenting.

In addition, the school library is a great place to borrow beautiful books to share at home and then return. Classes have a scheduled time in the school library once a week for browsing and borrowing. We ask that your child has a named library bag to protect their library book.

Please consider joining your local municipal library for borrowing even more books to share. Op shops, fetes and garage sales are also great places to find books to read at home.

We wish you many hours of happy book sharing this year J

Best wishes,

The Middles Teaching Team!

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